Service Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Church Family :

With the Virus not going away but more information making us more knowledgeable about how to deal with it , these guidelines and assurances will help us going forward.

If you are sick please stay home and do not feel like you are letting the Lord or your fellow Church family down.   Sickness is not something we can control and a healthy response is to withdraw and recover.   We will miss and pray for you.  We will thank you for being responsible and staying home if you are sick and respect your decision to stay  home if you feel assembling will put your health at risk. .

It will be my intention to not cancel services  except under the most extreme unavoidable conditions and to continue to meet even if the numbers of those who are able to assemble are minimal.   The capacity to Stream our services does not dismiss the Biblical expectation to assemble together nor satisfy the spiritual encouragement gained from assembling together.  

I also want to thank everyone of our Church family for your generous faithfulness to give financially during these unusual times .    The Lord has provided every need and sustained us in every way and I am confident the Lord will sustain you as you sow to his ministry.

God Bless you

Dale Bigham SR Pastor