Services Will Re-Open May 3rd

Dear Members and friends of Craig County Baptist

Let me begin by saying we have missed everyone and I am excited about being able to give you the following information . We will begin assembling this Sunday May 3rd. Our schedule will be the same as before 9:45 Bible Study , 10:45 Morning worship and then we will break for lunch then meet back at 1:00 for the afternoon service . One thing that will change is the break between the morning and afternoon service . We will not be hosting the regular put luck meal , but we will have an open fellowship hall where you can if you like bring your meal or snack for you and your family. I believe we can practice good social distancing and still visit together though a bit spread out ? Or there will be ample time to return home if you live in town or grab something in town and return for the 1:00 Service.

I have enclosed some guidelines and suggestions in regard to meeting in the safest and most thoughtful manner.

We encourage everyone if you have a symptom or are not feeling well …please stay home.

If you are feeling vulnerable or at high risk and are worried about attending we will not judge you for staying home.

If you feel a mask and or gloves are helpful for you then there is no offence in wearing them.

We will have hand sanitizing lotion at all the entrances for your use.

We will continue to live stream the morning and 1:00 service

We will seek to refrain from the practice of greeting one another with a hug or a handshake .

Every other pew will be blocked off to encourage a healthy distance. (Families do not need to social distance )

We will not pass the offering plates from person to person but will have them stationed at the front and back of the auditorium.

We will / are taking special precautions to assure our Building is as germ free as possible before each use .

One thing this unexpected condition has made clear is we may have not valued the privilege to assemble and fellowship with one another highly enough.

Another thing proven in this ordeal is the faithfulness of Gods people in regard to giving. The total giving for April was $8,468.00 which is slightly higher than normal. (This is an added blessings as we are in the process of securing some needed equipment to improve streaming our services . )

This time of separation has also revealed the need for a better data base of information for future contact. When we were seeing each other regularly most information and business could wait till we assembled and made an announcement from the pulpit . Going forward it would be helpful if we could have correct and full contact information for everyone , members and willing guest : address , phone number , email , if texting is an option etc…. Would you mind providing us that information by : email to : or Text my cell 806 433 4739 ….or by completing the enclosed card and returning it to us by mail or dropping it in the offering plate.

I look forward to seeing you soon …
Dale Bigham